The beginning:
At the age of 17 years I bought my first Golden in 1981 – for then I finally had persuaded my parents to have to buy a dog, it was actually something of a coincidence that it was a golden.
My one brother was manager at a farm near the kennel Riis, and so were my parents wa ready to have a look.
Agnes and Folmer Mortensen from kennel Riis was very helpful and guided in the best way and the second selects the males, I chose Riis Diago.
I went to business school then and had plenty of time to train and be with Diago, and we started to go for training in Danish Retriever Club (DRK).
Diago turned out to be a fresh dog and teachable and we did ourselves great for obedience training and at fairs / exhibitions.
Diago passed the obediencetest and we worked on with a field trial  which both Diago and I thought were super fun.
Diago achieved the title Danish Champion in 1984 and since we also travelled to the exhibitions in Germany and Belgium, he also achieved the title of International Champion 


Club development:
Shortly after I had started at field trial, I was asked if I wanted to become an instructor for puppies – promtly I sayed yes and after some years I was trained instructor for puppies obedience and later field trial instructor. At the same time started my active associations in the region center with organizing of field trials and trials manager and show manager.
I have several times participated at the board of my Region Centrum including a period as director.
My big interest in the golden breed brought me also in race management for golden retrievers in some years, and at the same time I was at the board in DRK.
In 1989 I was approved as an authorized working trial judge. Around the same time, I was trained ring secretary of the Danish Kennel Klub (DKK), as which I have worked many times, both in the DRK and DKK.
When I in the meantime also received hunting permits to be trials manager, I was lucky enough to be invited to hunting and pick ups, which was and still is a huge pleasure for both dogs and me.
Around the year 2000 I became licensed field trial judge for all retriever breeds at all levels. since I have paticipated in pick ups at home and abroad (Sweden, Germany, Italy).

In 1988 I was permitted to my kennel name Shadowfax, and so I had to have a bitch – that’s why I went on a trip to Sweden and visited seven different breeders, who among kennel Teachers, where I ordered and bought Teachers Passion Echo, which is stud bitch in my breeding.
Another bitch from Kennel Response in Sweden came to us almost simultaneously with Echo, Respons Marionet-ten, also a lovely bitch, who achieved the title Danish Champion and is also now included in the lines, that I work with.
Echo seemed Diago, easy to train and a formidable hunting dog, and both had the most wonderful gentle golden temperament.
My first litter of Golden Retrievers I got in 1989 and has since been fortunate enough to breed champions in Denmark and Germany and other highly prized dogs. Also on the field trial and hunting, my breeding has done well and not least they are good stable family dogs.

In August 2008 I became certified show judge for golden retrievers, 2011 certified for Chesapeak Bay Retriever. 2013 certified for Curly Coated Retriever and Labrador Retriever. 2016 certified for Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. 2019 certified for Flat Coated Retriever. and I am delighted to get around at home and abroad.

We have three females, where they count 3’de generation of Teacher’s passion Echo and our dog Toto of Graceful Delight. Toto has achieved the title Danish Champion in 2004.

We are a family of four people, our sons: Joachim born in November 2009 and Andreas born in 2002, and my wife Vibeke.

We all enjoy being out with the dogs, whether it is for training, testing or exhibition. Our dogs is part of our family and our life.
We live on an farm in West Jutland where there is a lot of space for both two and four legged.

You are always welcome to visit us.

The best greetings from Joachim, Andreas, Vibeke and Kaj.