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  • Hi Alka, thank you for your interrest in a Golden Retriever from us. I must very much advice you not to get two puppys at the same time, that will just put you at the side, and the tow puppies will just have enoug in them selvs. Get number tow in about tow years, when you have the first one as you would like. you are welcome to call me and we can talk about the golden retriever.

  • Hi I’ve been looking to get a puppy or two. I had a cocker spaniel who passed away last year and I now want to bring a new baby home.
    We were thinking that it is best to get 2 puppies together both boys so they have company and play with each other but even 1 is okay.
    I would like to know how I can book with you. I live in a fenced home in Cyprus and have a full time live in helper. I’m willing to travel to
    You to pick up the pups after mid September. Please let me know. We are looking for pets that live in the house with us, enjoy walking and going outdoors and going to the beach with us.

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